I am a...

design enthusiast

We design to create beautiful things, but more importantly, we design to solve problems and make lives better. Good design makes users happy and helps businesses succeed. Being able to make a impact motivates me and satisfies me. Design is challenging AND fun!

Being a designer is different than being an artist. One cannot deliver a good design without strong empathy for the audience. I love being a designer: it’s not just about creativity and aesthetics; it helps me grow as a person, challenging me to become a more compassionate, patient, humble and open-minded self every day.

avid reader

I read, because I want to live "a thousand lives" before I die. (“...the man who never reads lives only one.” - George R. R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons)

Books are my mental vitamins. I get my daily dose of inspiration and knowledge of mankind from reading. Books take me to different places and times, connect me with different people, open my mind to new ideas and new cultures, increase my worldview, build more empathy and bring about greater inner peace and happiness in me.

So many good books, so little time!

DIY junkie

Nowadays you can buy almost everything and outsource pretty much any service. But I make things with my hands whenever possible because I really enjoy the process.

Whether it's cooking a meal from scratch, making homemade soaps, building a birdhouse or chicken coop (yes - I have a lovely small flock of backyard chickens 🙂), or growing plants from seeds, even hand washing dirty dishes and watching them sparkle…I find it amazingly therapeutic and satisfying to use my hands to create, nurture, or put things in order and during the process, feel a deeper connection to the things that keep us alive and well.

DIY is my therapy.


Music touches my soul and I enjoy making music with bass the most, because of the groove bass produces and the magic it creates. I was always a fan of the lead guitarist until I started to HEAR those funky grooves and walking jazz bass, and started examining the role of the bass player. I still remember the very moment I was inspired to pick up a bass: that was when I heard the song “Forget Me Nots” and was blown away by the bass line ♫…

“The joy of playing bass: In a band, the bass has the most influence with the least amount of ego. Oftentimes it makes me really happy to be the secret hero of a song... like laying down a line that propels the entire band, but doing it without having anyone hardly notice.” -- Anonymous